A Bunch of Old Guys

The continuing adventures of 28th Avenue's finest rock 'n' roll band

Old Guys rock! Welcome to Oldguys.net, the online home of A Bunch of Old Guys, the most demanded and undemanding ex-hippie rock 'n' roll band in the greater south Eugene area. Click the links above to meet the band members, download their music, or see photos of the band and their fans. Or check the posts below for the latest news, including the newly added album of yuletide classics and doomed attempts at the "Rudolph" intro.

Praise be to the Old Guys!

By popular demand: An Old Guys Christmas

The Old Guys decided a few years back that they wanted to make a Christmas CD. So they went about it in their usual serious manner. Hear for yourself on the Music page.

Bloodthirsty pirates (thirsty ones, anyway) invade Eugene

Images from the pirate-themed annual gig are available as an online photo album. For details, see the Gallery page.

Now playing: Number Seven...Pass It On

Number Seven, the aptly named seventh CD from the Old Guys, has endured the 9-month gestation period, the mandatory 21-day waiting period, the 14-day aging process, and a couple of 12-step programs for good measure, and is now USDA-certified for public consumption. Go to the Music page, and get it while it's hot.

New photos in the gallery

The photographic evidence continues to mount. Check out the official photo shoot in preparation for the sixth CD, courtesy of Bill Stormont. Or see the Old Guys live in concert at the annual bash for Doug's birthday.

Spotted: Girl in a Tree

Every seven and two-thirds months, like clockwork, here come the Old Guys. The new sixth CD has been slow-roasted, basted in a honey bourbon glaze, and sliced to perfection. Download the new tracks, including the fantastic and highly unlikely adventures of Cowboy Dan, on the MP3s page.

Cinema, the eagerly awaited fifth CD, is available for download

Just in time for Christmas, the Old Guys have put the finishing touches on their often rumored fifth CD. Cinema includes, among other marvels, "Ballad of Nova 42," the theme song for Mott, Gort & Asteroid, which is certain to be the smash movie hit of the summer as long as Mike's grandkids can master the camcorder by then. Download the new tracks here.

Happy birthday, Mike!

Mike Alexander, Old Guy extraordinaire and world's greatest grandpa, turns 53 today. Last Sunday, we gathered in Doug's studio to raise our voices and praise the fine man. (Yes, in retrospect, a recording session the morning after a Civil War victory is not the best idea, but it provides cover for those of us who cannot sing anytime under any circumstances.) Check out our well-intentioned rendition of an old classic: the Happy Birthday song.

New CD covers

Photographer, designer, and honorary Old Guy Bill Stormont has created great album covers for all five CDs, including the upcoming Cinema. Take a look on the Music page.


"To get back my youth, I would do anything in the world, except take exercise, get up early, or be respectable."
Oscar Wilde